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Stable and reliable cloud service

No waiting time or unreliable, difficult to use applications. The Loop application is based on industry-leading response time for the smoothest possible user experience. It comes with all required certification and also works with all the major global cloud infrastructure providers.

Full automation

All your devices on one app. Our app may be launched on any device and provides for total integration of your devices. Loop provides total control from one simple app.

Diversity and compatibility

The Loop application is continuously upgraded to ensure full compatibility with all devices, as well as other integration with Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Integration is endless

The devices that can be integrated into the Loop application are endless. Imagine having your coffee ready in the morning, to managing your energy consumption, to your pets having their food served when they want it. Automation has now reached the boundaries of your imagination.


Monitor energy usage at all times. Display your usage in several, different, graphic based data to maximise your energy use.

Energy Saving

Manage and control your power consumption, control your lighting and even your curtains.


Home security solutions to create a smart and safe home. The Loop app provides full audio and video solutions to monitor your home.


Doorbell and smart lock solutions for a full selection of security products ranging from household locks, commercial locks, and lock accessories to cater to different business scenarios.


Loop’s sensor ecosystem covers sensors for security, fire protection, environmental monitoring, CO2 monitoring, LPG and much more, providing safety in your environment to ensure continuous peace of mind.

Pet Products

Your pet can benefit from this too! We offer smart pet solutions which can automate your pet accessories, making it easier for you and your pets to go about your daily lives.

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